Thursday, 24 May 2012

This is my comment on room 8 blog.

How far can your cable car go?

This is room 5's cable car graph. The furthest cable car was Tyler his cable went 8 metres. I think the reason his cable car was the furthest was either because his balloon was big or the wind blew it so it could go fast. The shortest cable car was Fine she had 3 metres. I think the reason she had the shortest travelled cable car distance was because she hadn't taken her time or her balloon was small. The people who had the same distance were Kifi, Pace, Piripi and Miss Chapman their distance was 7 metres. I really had a lot of fun doing this activity.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

This is my comment to Kaloni's blog.

This is the comment I made to Kaloni at Pt england school. I made a comment on her room 22 favourite shoe pie graph.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My comment on Angel's blog.

This my comment I made to Angel on her origami crane reflection it was really detailed. I also liked the colours.

Monday, 14 May 2012

My reading activity

This is my reading activity for our book called
Flying Free

Week 2
Emerald Group 2
Title: Flying Free
School Journal Part 3, Number 1, 2010

Learning Intention:
I am learning to retell the text back from the beginning, middle and end.

1. Describe the kites up in the sky?
There are an giant orange dancing octopus, a rainbow fish, a bird, and a red and black lizard

2. What’s wrong with Anna?
Anna had a broken leg.

3. Why was Anna grumpy?
Anna would like to have gone too but her cast is so heavy.

4. Why did Anna like the bird kite?
Its thinner than the other kites and it flies higher.

5. What does Anna see at night?
She sees its long tail shaped like a V.
She sees its wide black and white wings and slender orange body.

6. Why couldn’t Anna go outside and why?
When her leg sweats, it gets itchy.

7. How does Anna spend her time?
She makes a bird kite.

8. What materials does Anna use?
She finds some leftover nylon. It wasn’t the right colour but red and green will do.  Anna finds a packet of needles and matching cotton

9. Why was Anna feeling worried?
Anna was worried it might nose-dive rather than fly.

10. Describe the process in flying the kite.
Anna’s kite flies higher and higher

11. Why was Anna feeling happy?
The kite flies now and soon becomes a red and green bird.

12. What did Anna imagine at the end of the story?
Anna imagines herself flying over houses, roads, parks, and hills.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

The paper plane challenge by Isabella

This is room5's paper plane results. The plane that went the furthest was Piripi he had 11.16 meters. I think the reason Piripi's plane flew the furthest was because he was patient and he followed the instructions. The shortest plane was San Tat he had 2 meters. I think he got 2 meters was because he didn't follow what the paper said. My plane was 4.65. I think I did well for my first paper plane compitetion. I hope we get to do this another time.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Mothers day wordle

This is my mothers day wordle it has everything you want to know about my mum. I love my mum.

My reflection on my origami crane

Reflecting on my Origami Crane

Please write detailed answers, as reflecting helps you build understanding with your learning.

1. Are you pleased with your origami crane? why / why not?
Yes because it actually looks like a crane.

2. What part did you find easy? why / why not?
I found folding it in halves and in quarters easy
because I have done folding before.

3. What part did you find tricky / difficult? Why / why not?
I found making it into a kite shape hard because I thought I might rip it when I had to fold it together.

4. Who / What helped you in making your Origami Crane?
Miss Paton has helped me with her step by step instructions.
Pace has helped me with the step where we had to make it in a shape of a kite.

5. What would you do differently next time? Think about folding, listening, persistence (not giving up) etc.
Next time I would need to pay more attention on what Miss Paton is doing.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Mintie Challenge results

This is the Mintie challenge. The longest wrapper was San tat's with the total of 97cm. The shortest wrapper was Raymond's wrapper with the total of 5cm. I think the reason Raymond got 5cm was because he wasn't patient. My wrapper was 96cm so I was close to Santat's result. I think I did well with the Mintie challenge because I did this last year with Miss Paton. The people that had the same were Alazay and Tevita they had 44cm.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

How to make chocolate Easter eggs By Isabella

Instructions for making yummy chocolate Easter eggs

Ingredient list:
1 packet of chocolate melts

1 Kettle
1 pot
1 plate
Spoons and a butter knife
Tin foil


1. Fill up the Kettle with water and leave it to boil

2. Pour the water into the saucepan

3. Cover saucepan with a plate

4. Add the chocolate melts onto the plate

5. Stir the melts until there are no lumps and the chocolate looks smooth

6. Spoon the chocolate melts into the molds

7. Store the chocolate molds into the fridge. Wait for 4-5 hours and then take them out.

8. Tap the molds so the chocolates can come out

9. Cover the chocolates with tin foil and enjoy some delicious easter eggs.

My results for xtramath

These are my results for xtramath.
The green means that I got them right
The yellow means I need to practise

My multiplication results

These are my results for my 9x tables. I am getting better at my 9x tables but I still need to practise. Maybe I need to practise all my times tables.
But with my 9x tables I can type fast because I nearly know it off by heart.

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