Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Instructions for making a Tapa cloth

Instructions for making a Tapa cloth.

1.Get a white piece of paper. The paper should be 30cm x 30cm a square.
2. Measure 3cm across and down. Do this about six times across and down the page.
3. Draw the lines where the dots are, and make sure you have 8 or 9 squares going down and across. You need to have the same number of squares going across and down.
4. Draw your pattern (you can use some patterns from the Internet or you can make up your own.).
5. Once you have finished drawing your tapa on the white piece of paper you can draw it on a brown paper.
6. Measure the same way above on a 30cm x 30cm piece of paper. This should equate to 10 squares across and down.
7. Draw the same patterns that you drew on the white piece of paper also once you are finished you can use a vivid that you want black. Also you have to rub out the pencil lines before you dye your tapa.
8. Then you can dye your tapa brown
9. Also when your tapa is dried you can use the bleach ( but be careful not to get any on your clothes.)
10. Then once you have finished everything you can hang it up on your wall or you can make an art book.

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