Thursday, 28 August 2014

Netball Explanation


Have you ever wanted to be a professional netball player? Do you want to be part of the silver ferns? Well netball is a fun and energetic sport. You would have to know all the rules, and all the positions. Once you start playing you wouldn’t want to stop. Some of the famous netball people are Maria Tutaia, Catherine Latu, they are both part of the Silver Ferns.

The Silver Ferns is the New Zealand team. My favourite player is Maria Tutaia because I play the same position as her. She plays Goal Shoot and I play Goal Shoot. Whenever they have a home game my mum would always get tickets and we would go and watch the silver ferns. Maria won a gold medal at the Commonwealth games in 2006 and another in 2010. Another player that I like is Catherine Latu. She is really good at Goal Shoot, she practises her shooting a lot. She has had 50 test caps, 20 for Silver Ferns and 30 for Samoa. These ladies play really well because they know the rules for their positions.

The rules for netball are simple. The court is divided into 3 thirds. If you are GS or GK you would have to stay in one third of the court. Or if you are GA, GD, WA, or WD you are allowed in two thirds of the court. The only position that is allowed all over the court is Center, but they can’t go in the circle. Also if you have the ball, you can’t run with it, also you have to be careful with your feet because the umpires will pull you over if you step with the ball. They will also pull you over if you contact your partner. Contact is when you are too close to your partner or when you push them. You would have to be 3 feet away from the person. Also your positions are very important too.

You would need to know everything about your position or the umpire will pull you over. My position is GS so I am only allowed in one third of the court. My partner would be the GK, he or she would have to try and defend against me while I try and shoot. My job is very important because when I shoot it will give my team points. Another position is center, I don’t really like center because they have to run around the whole court for 4 quarters. If you are only allowed in 1 third, you stop at the first yellow line, if you cross that you are offside. Netball is a easy sport that you can learn very fast.

Netball is a energetic sport. If you follow these rules then you might end up in the Silver Ferns. I really like playing netball because I was brought up with netball. Also I play GS, and I really like that position. All you need to know are the rules and the positions. I learnt by watching Maria Tutaia shoot for the Silver Ferns.


Poem - Telling Where

At the beach:

Strolling along the beach, hearing the waves 
about to come crashing on their feet.  
Feeling the breeze coming from the tall trees.

Independent Writing

'I remember it like it was yesterday'
Using this sentence I had to write about an important and meaningful experience in my life

I remember it like it was yesterday when we had prizegiving and they were announcing the new head students for 2014. Our Deputy Principal was on stage announcing the new head girl, I remember she said “Our head girl for 2014 is Isabella”, at that moment I was feeling really proud and on the inside I was feeling mixed emotions. When I was on stage I could see my mum and dad, they looked very proud of me. I went home and once my whole family found out, they were very happy for me.  

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Storylines Show

On Monday we had some people come in and they performed a show called ‘Space Jump’. The actors name were Tai and Naomi. The show was about an alien girl who has a mission, her mission was to come to earth and find out information about books. When she came to earth she met a school boy who knew a lot about books. He told her that if you want to be really interested in a book who need to read with imagination and you can use creativity, so that you can really enjoy reading your book. We learnt a lot about reading and all sorts of things you can explorer while you read a book.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Xtramath Result

This is my xtramath result. I hope by the end of term I will move on to the next level.