Monday, 6 October 2014

Holiday Reading - Get Active

Get Active

If there is a sport or activity that is part of your book.  Get out and give it a go.  Running, Hiking, Skateboarding. Try and get a photo or write about your experience on your blog:
Title - Short and Scary Stories
Editor - Karen Tayleur

Short and scary stories is a big book with short stories in it, the story I read was called Haunted.

Activity you did:

When we were at Waiheke we got a bit bored so my aunt's friend took us on a walk to the beach. The house we stayed at, it had a view of the beach. On our way there we were following my cousin, and then we got lost, so we had to walk back to our house. It was really tiring because our house was at the top of the hill. We still had a fun time at Waiheke Island.


  1. Hi Isabella
    I think you had fun at Waiheke.
    I also like you photos that took.
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Saruja

      Thanks for the comment. I did have fun at Waiheke Island.

  2. Hi Isabella,
    This is a very well written text that explains what you experienced. The beaches look amazing! You must've had a great time! Keep it up!

    Yours Sincerely,

    1. Hi Fine

      Thanks for the comment. I had a great time on Waiheke Island.

    2. Hi Isabella,
      That's awesome to hear:)

  3. Hi Isabella

    This is a very good piece of writing and you explained it well. The Pictures looked amazing you must of enjoined you self.

    From Tyler

    1. Hi Tyler

      Thanks for the comment. I did enjoy myself. It is great to see you completing the holiday reading challenges.

  4. Hi Isabella,
    It looks like you had allot of fun at Waiheke Island. It looks beautiful out there, I wish I went there. This is a good piece of writing too.

  5. Hi Isabella
    I like how you showed us a image of
    WaihekeIsland it looks beautiful and fun.
    Keep up the great blogging Isabella.

    From Amato

  6. Hi Bella
    Really cool way to excercise. The pictures you took were amazing. Is this at a motel.


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