Friday, 30 March 2012

This is my graph on room5's favourite ice-block flavours

This is my investigation on room5's favourite ice block flavours. The most po
pular flavour is Magnum with the total of 14. The ice-blocks with the same number of students are Jelly tip and Choc bar with the total of 2.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

This is my types of bullying.


Mocking families
Calling names

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My Mihi By Isabella

This is my mihi I am using the webcam for the first time.

This is my five blocks going up and down.

We had to figure out how many blocks do we need to make five blocks going up and five blocks going down. I found out that we needed 25 blocks to go up and down.

This is my wallwisher

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My Mihi

This is my Mihi.

Ko Isabella taku ingoa
Ko Namoa toku ingoa whanau
Tekau oku tau
Ko Daniel toku matua
Ko Teresa toku whaea
Ko David toku koro
Ko Faasegia toku kuia
Ko Maungarei te Maunga
Ko Tamaki te awa
Ko Panmure Bridge toku kura
Ko Miss Paton toku kaiako
Ko Mr Johnston te Tumuaki
No Tonga ahau
Kei Mangere toku kainga noho
He parauri oku whatu
He parauri toku makawe
Ko Rose toku hoa.

My Reflection on my Tapa Cloth.

Reflecting on my Tapa Cloth

1. Are you pleased with your Tapa Cloth? why / why not?
Yes because it took a long time and it was a lot of fun.

2. What did you find easy when you were creating your Tapa?
I found my flower in the middle easy.

3. What did you find tricky when you were creating your Tapa?
I found my border hard because my tapa was 9 boxes and it wasn't even.

4. If you made another Tapa, what would you change and why?
I wouldn’t change anything because I like it the way it is.

5. Who / What has helped you in creating your Tapa?
The person that helped me was Miss Paton.

6. Did you use any of your own cultural patterns in your own Tapa? Which ones? What do they mean? If you didn’t use your cultural patterns, what did patterns did you use? Where did they come from?

No I just used the patterns in the photographs that were provided by Mrs Walters.

7. What geometric elements does your Tapa Cloth show? Reflection, Rotation, Translation.
In my Tapa it shows reflection and rotation.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Instructions for making a Tapa cloth

Instructions for making a Tapa cloth.

1.Get a white piece of paper. The paper should be 30cm x 30cm a square.
2. Measure 3cm across and down. Do this about six times across and down the page.
3. Draw the lines where the dots are, and make sure you have 8 or 9 squares going down and across. You need to have the same number of squares going across and down.
4. Draw your pattern (you can use some patterns from the Internet or you can make up your own.).
5. Once you have finished drawing your tapa on the white piece of paper you can draw it on a brown paper.
6. Measure the same way above on a 30cm x 30cm piece of paper. This should equate to 10 squares across and down.
7. Draw the same patterns that you drew on the white piece of paper also once you are finished you can use a vivid that you want black. Also you have to rub out the pencil lines before you dye your tapa.
8. Then you can dye your tapa brown
9. Also when your tapa is dried you can use the bleach ( but be careful not to get any on your clothes.)
10. Then once you have finished everything you can hang it up on your wall or you can make an art book.

This is my graph for the birthdays in room 5

This is my bar graph it has all the people in room 5's birthdays. The highest is September it has 8 birthdays celebrated and the lowest is November it only has 1 birthday celebrated. Also January, February, March, May, June and December are all the same because all of them have 2 birthdays celebrated and April, July and October are the same too because they have 3 birthdays celebrated.

This is my wallwisher

Friday, 9 March 2012

My Tapa cloth

This is my tapa cloth that I made on room5. It took a long time but it was a lot of fun. Please leave some comments

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My time at Eastern Beach

WOW!!! It is a nice sunny day because the whole school is going to Eastern Beach. I was really excited because this was my second time going on a school picnic. Once we got there we had our morning tea and I had a ham bun, it was delicious. Then once the whole school was there Mr Johnston told us the safety rules, one of the rules was to stay from the bridge all the way to the hills. Also Mr Johnston told us that the Juniors were allowed to swim and Room 8 went and did the life jacket drills. When they were doing that I was taking pictures with my camera. Also I was playing hit and roll with a parent helper, it was a lot of fun. Then it was Room 7’s turn to do the life jacket skills. Once Room 8 was finished they went and just had a little swim. Finally it was Room 5’s turn to do the life jacket skills. The life jacket skills was fun because I was floating on my back and kicking. I was floating on my tummy. The activity I liked the most was on my back because it was really relaxing. After the life jacket activity we started swimming with out the life jackets. I didn't like it because water kept going up my nose and into my mouth. I was about to vomit but luckily I didn’t. Then it was lunch time and I spent my lunch time with my family. Then I got changed into my clothes because I got cold and my leg was sore. Mr Johnston said “If anyone wants to go for another swim jump in and have a quick one,” so my friends went for a swim. After this I was playing hit and roll with Kyra and a parent helper. It was a lot of fun. Then my friends came out and it was time to go back to school. I had a of fun at Eastern beach. I hope we get to go there again.