Tuesday, 10 December 2013

My memories of 2013

My memories of 2013

WOW! I can’t believe that it is coming to an end of 2013. I have really enjoyed this year. My best friend is Rachel, she is like my bodyguard. I have great friends, they have been there for me ever since 2013 started. I am going to really miss my friends, when they leave for college.

I also have a very nice teacher. Sometimes when the boys are naughty then that’s when we see the other side of her. Ms Kirkpatrick is a sensible teacher. When we are all relaxed it is like a family laughing together.

One of the activities I liked at Panmure Bridge are the trips. My favourite trip was when we went to camp at the Hunua Ranges. Even though I went for one day I still enjoyed it. When we got to camp we had to do a 4 hour hike, so the only thing I can think about is the 4 hour hike.
Also I have enjoyed the sports that we have at this school. The sport that I have enjoyed was netball with Mrs Emma on Tuesdays. Also I like it how we played softball against room9 and we got a shield for it. My favourite sport that we played was interschool touch, I really enjoyed that.

One thing that I really liked was going to tech with the Yr7’s and the Yr8’s at Tamaki College. The subjects that I have done was digital technologies with Mrs Anderson, Jewelry making with Mr Grundy and Graphics with Mr Nobel.

The main experience that I have had was an amazing year in room6. I have fun and weird friends that stick up for me no matter what. I also have a nice and lovely teacher. I will miss all the year 8’s, next year, it just won’t be the same without them.