Thursday, 31 October 2013

Xtramaths results

This is my xtramaths results. I am very proud of what I have accomplished.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Xtramath result

This is my Xtramath. I have done very well but I got distracted in one of the questions. Either than that I hope I get to move on to the next level.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Level 41 spelling activity

Level 41

Guide Word
Artesian well

Xtramaths result

This shows how I did with my addition. I am getting a lot better. I am not happy that I am still on Addition but I will learn all of my pluses. My most important goal is to at least get up to times tables.

Library Skills - Using Te Ara 2

Using Te Ara -
The Encyclopedia of New Zealand
2. Tamaki River

L.I.    Develop our knowledge of Auckland and the Tamaki river
    Familiarise ourselves with an online NZ encyclopaedia

Use this link to open Te Ara
Enter Tamaki river into the search box and use the Eastern suburbs: Oraki  to the Tamaki estuary page to answer these questions.

Where does the river flow from and to?
River flowing from Māngere East to a tidal estuary on the Waitematā
What was the link used by Maori called?
It was a vital link (by way of the Ōtāhuhu portage) to the Manukau for Māori

What two bodies of water does it join?
The two bodies that deportage is the Manukau Harbour and the Waitemata Harbour

What sort of landform is Tāhuna Tōrea?
Tāhuna Tōrea is a sandspit, reaching across towards Buckland’s Beach,

What is the name of the marina on the Tamaki river?
Half Moon Bay Marina is on the eastern shore of the Tamaki River

When was the first Panmure Bridge built?
The first Panmure Bridge was built to span the Tāmaki River in 1866,

When was the current bridge built?
The current bridge was built in 1959.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Readabout it Thinkabout it - Unit 2

Unit 2 - Review
Chill Out

Out now
Over all

Watch out Cool Boarders, there is a fierce competitor on the tracks.
‘Chill’ is a radical new snowboarding game that’s sure to raise some eyebrows.
It has to be a little bit different from those in it’s field for it to be  a hit, and have wider tracks and more precision in background graphics than any other snowboarding game on Playstation.
‘Chill’ is definitely unique.
Each course is magnificently crafted to allow you to carve your choice of 21 ‘Burton’ boards however you see fit.
There are 4 players to chose from (in two player mode they can race each other) and a great list of obstacles to jump and slide over.
There is even a mad halfpipe incorporated into the course on which you can perform a range of crazy-named tricks like chicken salad and butter muffin.
And in one course you fly off a cliff face and activate a parachute, which you have to steer to a safe landing at the bottom of the mountain.
‘Chill’ will take you many hours of quality time on the couch with a group of friends to perfect… but when you do, you will truly appreciate the many fine aspects of this game.
There is a seriously cool video to this game (very MTV), which samples some of the groovy beats and funky rap that you will later be cruising down the mountain to.
Overall ‘Chill’ is a must-have for all you winter sports fans out there - Get it NOW!

Knowledge -
1.  What system does this game use? Playstation
2. What is ‘Chill’? Chill is a new snowboarding game
3. How many players are there to chose from? There are 4 players to choose from.
Comprehension -
4. When is this game available in shops?  Explain.
This game is out in stores now. I know this because in the table at the top it says ‘Release - Out Now’. Also at the end it says Get it Now

5. Is this a game which is easily mastered?  Explain.
No I know this because this game would have to take you at least a long term of hours to master because there are some weird funky stunts to get good at.

6. Does the reviewer think this is a good game?  Explain.
The reviewer is a great game because  there are a lot of tracks and you can even play with a friend and race them at snowboarding. Also there are some good obstacles, and cool boards.
Application -
7. What category would you place this game under in the shop, e.g. educational, mystery? Explain.
I would place the game under Adventure it is a racing game and there are some weird tracks and it could be very hard to master.

8. What questions would you ask the reviewer regarding ‘Chill’? Explain.
The questions I would ask the reviewer are:
Do you think this game is suitable for children over 12?
Would this game go worldwide?
Are the tracks inappropriate?
Why did the creator create this game?
Do you think there will be a 2nd part to the game?
Is there a ‘boss’ level?
Thinking beyond...
Analysis -
How is this review similar to a book review? Explain.
This is similar to a book review because it is asking you some questions that may be similar to a book. Also they are asking the main questions and focusing on the story.
Synthesis -
Devise your own way of presenting a review of a game you have enjoyed.  Present a demonstration to the class.
Evaluation -
Prepare a list of features or characteristics used to judge a game.  Which are most important?
Hands on -
Organise a game swap amongst your class.  Set up a filing system (google doc) to keep track of who has which game and when it is due back.  

This is my readabout it thinkabout task. I did unit 2  which was 'Chill Out'. I found this easy. It was about a snowboarding game.

Xtramath result

This is my xtramth result. I am getting a lot better at this. My goal is to get past addition and onto subtraction.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Algebraic Thinking by Isabella

This is my flow chart. I had to show you how to play 'Algebra'. This is a simple game.
mind mapping software

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Comments by Isabella

I have made a comment to Lavinia about her comic life poster for 'The Great Pancake Race' instructions.

This i sthe comment I made to room 7 for their knowledge on Rocks

Fast Factors result by Isabella

This was my first result, it wasn't really good. I know I could be faster. Even though I know all the six times table I was still slow.

This was my second result. I got better and I was more faster. I have learnt all of the answers to the 6 times tables. I have improved a lot.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Sentences Activity

Level 41
L.I - Making sentences

Challenge - At school my teacher gave me a challenge
Certificate - I got given a certificate at netball for player of the day
Choking - I stopped my friends from choking each other
Commercial - There was a commercial on tv for toothpaste
Chickenpox - I caught the chicken pox when I was a baby
Attendance - I never get 100% attendance because i’m away most days of school.
Detention - When I go collage I won’t be getting into detention
Dominoes - I played a game of dominoes
Lodge - We went to Kokako Lodge for Camp

Cape - I wore a cape   

Using Te ara

Using Te Ara -
The Encyclopedia of New Zealand
1. Waitemata Harbour

L.I. Develop our knowledge of Auckland and the Tamaki River.
Familiarise ourselves with an online NZ encyclopaedia.
Use our skimming and scanning skills.

Use this link to open Te Ara
Enter Waitemata into the search box and use that page to answer these questions.

What sort of landform is the Waitemata harbour?
It is a drowned river valley.

Why was it chosen to be New Zealand’s capital?
It was chosen to be the capital because the harbours deep navigable
channels and sheltered bays.

What does Waitemata mean?
Waitemata means obsidian waters 

Tell me one interesting fact about each of these features of the Waitemata:
Auckland’s chief port -  Auckland’s port on the Waitematā was vital to the progress of the city and region.
Viaduct basin - The Viaduct Basin, site of the old fishing harbour, was redeveloped in the mid-1990s as a site where the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron could host the America’s Cup in 1999 and 2003.
Westhaven - Westhaven Marina, with 1,800 berths, is the largest managed marina in Australasia, and a symbol of Aucklanders’ love of sailing.
Harbour bridge - The Auckland Harbour Bridge (1,020 m long) was opened in 1959 to link the Auckland isthmus with the north.
Greenhithe bridge - The Greenhithe Bridge was built in 1975 as an alternative harbour crossing, spanning the upper Waitematā from Hobsonville to Greenhithe on the North Shore.

Natural features - Natural features of the Waitematā include Meola reef (also known as Te Tokoroa, meaning ‘a long reef’), a rocky submarine promontory.

My Xtramaths result

This is my first xtramath result for term 4. I am getting faster and I am getting faster at it. I have only got 1 wrong answer. I am getting to know my pluses faster because I have a strategy for the 9's and I am counting in my head faster.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Movie Thursday by Isabella

WOW! Yesterday I went to the movies with my two friends Chloe and Kapri. I picked them up at 11:00 at Chloe's house. When we went to the movies my mum droped us off and we went to get our tickets, We were about to watch Mortal Instruments. Since we were early we had a look around and we went to Pak'n'save to buy some snacks, so we don't have to buy any food from the movies. Each of us picked our own food and we had to pay for our own food. 12:00 had just gone past and we were still walking around so we bought ice-cream to make us feel better. Then it was 12:30 so we went into the cinema. When it was time for the movie to start we were so excited but through half of the movie Chloe screamed loud and everyone else was laughing. Apart from that the movie was Awesome. We were all hungry so we went to the foodcourt and waited for my mum to come and pick us up outside. We were waiting outside and lying down because we were so tired. At the end of the day it was a fun day because I had my friends. We might go again next week but we are shopping.